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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal reconstructive option for my smile?

Dental implants are considered the ideal solution for tooth loss today because of their natural, comprehensive structure and revitalizing benefits that improve both a patient’s oral health and aesthetic quality. However, the time and cost involved can be significant. For this reason, some may prefer traditional dental bridges or dentures as a more economical solution that provides needed stability and structure.

How do I know if I am suffering from a periodontal disease?

Your symptoms will depend on the severity of your current condition. Gingivitis (the initial stage of periodontal disease) is usually characterized by red and swollen gum tissue, as well as oral bleeding that is likely to occur when the patient is brushing and flossing. Alternatively, periodontitis could involve the presence of excessive bad breath, teeth that feel loose or appear longer over time, or even the formation of pockets of pus along the gum line. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact Dental Health Centers to schedule an appointment. Our doctors will also screen for the presence of periodontal disease during your routine evaluations every six months.

Do you see dental emergencies?

Yes. Our practice will accommodate emergency cases as soon as possible, and our doctors and team members can also provide valuable first aid assistance over the phone in the interim.

Can I straighten my smile without traditional metal braces?

Yes, you can. Customized, clear Invisalign aligners can gradually move teeth towards their ideal positioning without the noticeable use of orthodontic wires and brackets, allowing patients to maintain their self-confidence throughout treatment. Visit our Invisalign page to learn more.

Where is your office located?

Dental Health Centers offers three distinct office locations in Pembroke Pines, FL and Miami Lakes, FL, each with their own skilled teams and seasoned doctors – Miami Lakes Dental Health Center, Pembroke Pines Dental Health Center, and Atria Dental Health Center. We look forward to welcoming new patients from the surrounding areas.



Dental implants are an excellent alternative to traditional bridges and dentures, allowing our team to successfully replicate the entire structure of your natural tooth instead of only the crown (the white portion) for truly revitalizing results.


Whether you are experiencing significant, unexplained pain or a sudden traumatic injury, time can truly be of the essence during a dental emergency. At Dental Health Centers, patients can find the accomplished team of doctors and team members they need during these difficult instances.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Coral Gables. A beautiful smile can positively influence your life in many ways – in fact, countless studies suggest that people with white, straight teeth are perceived by their peers as being more successful, more confident, more attractive


The gums, ligaments, and bone around the teeth form the foundation for ones teeth. All structures are also referred to as the periodontium. When the periodontium is not healthy, it jeopardizes the teeth just as a bad foundation would threaten the stability of a house


At Coral Gables Dental Health Center, we understand that visiting the dentist as a child can cause unnecessary anxiety. To help your children feel comfortable visiting our office, we use oral health cartoons to explain the important topics of oral health.


Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it's caught early.

That's why is important to perform an annual exam. There is available technology that has been proven successful in identifying precancerous and cancerous abnormalities.


Whether you are experiencing significant, unexplained pain or a sudden traumatic injury, time can truly be of the essence during a dental emergency.